Deaf Singapore Theatre - Theatre arts, Storytelling, Poetry & More in Singapore Sign Language
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Inspired by ASL Slam's mission, so this year, we decided to develop deaf elements in theatre arts scene that includes storytelling, poetry and more in Singapore Sign Language.

Adapted from ASL Slam:
Mission: to provide a space for literary and performing artists in the Deaf community to present, create and develop their works in front of a live audience. Today this mission is carried out through three main programming objectives:

- to present and encourage new, and experimental work in poetry, performance art, improvisation, literature, visual art, and music by providing a venue for emerging and established artists to present their work in a safe and supportive environment.
- to use video production as means to preserve SgSL expressive works and expose artists to a larger audience.
- to dedicate resources to support and promote literal & cultural arts in Deaf Singapore.